Episode 10 - Conservative political perspective

This week, I am continuing on the political theme (to follow the liberal 'ish' perspective from the last show). Mike speaks to us from a conservative perspective and touches on everything from racism, gun control and climate change to leadership, parenting, and dialogue. I hope you enjoy all he has to offer... View Full Transcript

Episode 9: Liberal political perspective

Today as we talk about politics and at all times in our life when we talk about politics, I think it is also important for each of us to take the time to do some self reflection as to where we stand and more importantly, why because until we understand ourselves and our motivations, how can we ever hope to understand another person's? ... View Full Transcript

Episode 8: Domestic Violence survivor and advocate

In today's episode, we're going to be talking about domestic violence. October, which is coming a close, was Domestic Violence Awareness month. I really wanted to do something to contribute to that conversation. After I graduated from college, I worked with survivors of domestic violence for a year and it was a very transformational experience for me. I learned a lot, which I think we should all have a deeper understanding of. That is where the motivation for this interview came from. Like I said, this interview will be talking about domestic violence. While we will not be talking about anything too specifically about physical or sexual abuse, we will be talking about mental, emotional,financial abuse throughout this episode. We talk about suicide; we talk about substance abuse; we talk about control. If any of those could be a trigger for you, if you yourself have survived domestic violence. Or, if you are listening with mixed audiences, we do not want to re-traumatize or traumatize anybody with our episode, so please be aware of that... View Full Transcript

Episode 7: Mormon Identity Part II

Hello and welcome to the Wish You Knew podcast.  I’m your host, Karen Bortvedt.  This is part two of our interview with Keith who identifies as Mormon. I hope that you all were able to learn a lot from last week’s episode.  Today, we continue with a question that I think is very relevant to the time.  One of our listeners asked essentially about race issues.  So, we will cut directly to the interview and see what Keith has to say... View Full Transcript 

Episode 6: Mormon Identity Part I

I was also blown away by how many of you sent in questions for this week's guest, Keith, who is Mormon. There were in fact so many questions that I have divided this episode into two parts because I wasn't sure if you all would be able to handle an almost two hours long. So, we'll have part one of the interview this week. If you don't hear your question answered this week, be sure to tune in next week because it should be there. I think I had most of the questions answered. First, thanks so much, Keith, for agreeing to be on the podcast... View Full Transcript

Episode 5: Gay Identity

Thank you so much for tuning in again this week. Today, as some of you may know, is National Coming Out Day. It is a day that is celebrated by the LGBTQI community as a day when people who hold a sexuality on that spectrum can share that with the world. The holiday has been around since 1988 and it was started with the idea that intolerance exists because of silence and the idea that if people share their sexuality, it, sort of, brings it out of the shadows. That increases awareness and tolerance in the world. So, that is my summary of the event. Today we have a good friend of mine on the show. His name is James and he identifies as a gay man. He will be sharing a little bit with us about his coming out experience and some of the other experiences he has had as a gay man... View Full Transcript

Episode 4: Perspective of someone who lost their house to a hurricane

This week we have an interview with two friends of mine, Melissa and Pete, who lost their house to hurricane Sandy. This is the fifth year anniversary of hurricane Sandy, later this month in October. We wanted to do something in remembrance of that and with all the natural and man-made disasters in the news these days, for many of us, we have never experienced that. We thought it was a good time to talk with someone who has been through that experience so we can all learn from that experience and how to better support someone who is going through such an experience as that. I hope you enjoy the show. So, let's get started with Pete and Melissa... View Full Transcript

Episode 3: Interpreter Identity

This week, our guest is following in the same theme from last week when we talked with Alex who represented a Deaf identity. This week, our guest is a sign language interpreter. His name is Dr. Steven Collins. And he is going to address many of the questions you sent to us about the job of an interpreter. So, let's go to Steven... View Full Transcript

Episode 2: Deaf Identity with Alex

Hello, and welcome to the Wish You Knew podcast. I'm your host Karen Bortvedt. Today for our first full episode, we have a very special guest. Her name is Alex, and if you checked out her bio on the website, you will see that she identifies as Deaf. Though, that is only one of her many identities, and her many skill sets. One of them seems to be languages. She mentions that she has learned 11 different languages in her life time. I tell you, I am someone who learns languages fairly easily but that number is IMPRESSIVE... View Full Transcript

Episode 1: What is the Wish You Knew Podcast?

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